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*~* Welcome to the Faerie's Glen*~*

10 December 1982
i'm just an artsy fartsy (as my cousin puts it) girl. i write all the time, it's almost a compulsion. i draw occasionally when i'm in the mood. i read all the time and i'm never far from a book.

i'm a huge supporter of gay and lesbian rights. they should be able to marry and adopt children and all that good stuff just like heterosexuals. if you dispute this point and bring it up to me YOU WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND and i will argue with you about it til one of us (usually you) pass out.

i'm a practicing pagan and even though i've been practicing for the better part of 10 years now i still consider myself a noob.

i've been with the same wonderful guy for a year and a half now. he's a wonderful guy and i love him to death. wanna read his LJ? it's under ryuukojin (idk how to link to it from my profile page)

what do i look like? i'm 5'10, have black hair and blue eyes. i'm currently heavier than i want to be but i'm not someone who complains about their weight all the time. nor do i sit and count calories. however i am doing something to change my weight...that would be exercise and alot of water-no soda. do i consider myself dieting? no, the word is too damn restrictive and i believe it sets you up for failure.

want to know anything else about me? read my journal or contact me (info is below).